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With over 2 million unique visitors each year, Lakes Online offers the most cost-effective advertising and promotion services for water-related businesses. We specialize in lake content through Lakes Online and work with affiliate sites to boost traffic. When people see your ad, you have hit a target audience interested in waterfront related businesses. Services can be purchased month-to-month with no long-term contracts or commitments. Give us a try and let us prove results to you. But don't take our word for it. See what others say about us!



Promote your business through listings on the Demopolis Lake web site. Have your business name appear on the front page, in the directory and in business categories.
Per Year


Per Month
Credit Card
  • Listing on the Demopolis Lake web site Front Page
  • Multi-page, fully-functional website with a domain
  • Listing in the Business Directory under your business categories including business address, phone, fax, and contact page
  • Links to your blog, Facebook and Twitter pages
  • vCard generation
  • Availability in Demopolis Lake Search Engine
  • Availability in Lakes Online Search Engine
  • Position marker on the Business Category Map
  • Promote events on the Demopolis Lake Event Calendar and the Lakes Online Calendar
  • Use event calendar widget to automatically plug-in those events to your web site
  • Use news widget to automatically plug-in those articles to your web site
  • Includes basic Business Profile Page
  • Includes domain registration and use of domain with your Business Profile Page
  • Monthly statistics

Special Pricing Offers

  • Second lake 25% savings ($225)
  • Third lake 50% savings ($150)
  • Forth and subsequent lakes 75% savings ($75)
  • Get state-wide coverage on all of the Alabama lake sites for $999.00 per year
  • Get national coverage on the Lakes Online lake network for $1,999.00 per year

There are several banner positions that run on the web pages of the Demopolis Lake Site. Each banner is custom designed for the promotional campaign you need.
  • High visibility across specified pages of the Demopolis Lake site
  • Free banner design
  • Link from banner goes to your desired web page
  • Statistics showing impressions and click-throughs
  • JPG, PNG and GIF files supported
Contact us at to setup a banner ad. Please indicate banner position and describe desired design.

Per Month
Banner Position A (728 x 90 pixels)

Per Month
Banner Position B (160 x 60 pixels)

Per Month
Banner Position C (160 x 160 pixels)

Per Month
Banner Position D (160 x 160 pixels)

Demopolis Lake property owners have the ability to advertise real estate for sale directly to the public on the Demopolis Lake web site.
1 Month - $25
6 Months - $100
10 Years - $300
  • Listing on the Demopolis Lake Real Estate Page
  • Availability in Demopolis Lake Real Estate Search
  • Upload photos of your property and/or home
  • Inclusion into the national database

Demopolis Lake rental owners have the ability to advertise their vacation rental directly to the public on the Demopolis Lake web site.
1 Month - $25
6 Months - $100
1 Year - $150
2 Years - $250
  • Listing on the Vacation Rentals Page
  • Availability in Rental Searches
  • Upload photos of the rental property
  • Inclusion in the national site

If your business sells boats and personal watercraft, you now have the ability to advertise in the Demopolis Lake Classifieds. You can also use special pages to use on your web site.
Per Month

  • Enter once and have the ads show on the Demopolis Lake Classifieds and on your own site
  • Unlimited Classifieds Listings in all categories (Boats, Aircraft, Vehicles, etc.)
  • Availability in searches from any other site of the Lakes Online network

Borrell Associates research firm found that 77 percent of real estate buyers use the Internet for home searches. The Demopolis Lake community and visitors guide targets the local public and prospecitive newcomers to the Demopolis Lake area. This real estate advertising package provides a comprehensive way to advertise your listings online.

Per Month
Unlimited Active Listings

Per Month
Up To 5 Active Listings

  • Enter listings into the real estate management system and listings appear automatically on the Real Estate Page
  • Real estate search results link to your agent web site to provide more exposure for your web site
  • Includes use of a Real Estate Manager to manage your listings and keep track of listing agreement expiration dates
  • Each listing advertisement is plotted on the interactive map of the Demopolis Lake site.
  • Inclusion on the site
  • Optional: Instant listings on your site! Use a plug-in to put entered listings on your site automatically

This is a database tool for member organizations. You can manage member information, dues and member status easily. There is also a login with an organization calendar so members can utilize it.
Per Month

  • Manage Member Information - Keep track of all your member information in one place. mailing address, physical address, contact name, e-mail address, phone numbers, fax number, Internet URL, and member category are just some of the kinds of member data at your fingertips.
  • Manage Member Status - If your organization requires members to pay dues then you can keep your list updated in real-time. New members display when published automatically. No need to get your Webmaster to update your site every time. Also, if member become inactive, they are automatically removed from the member listing page.
  • Contact Your Members - Send e-mail to your members with one click. You can select whether you want to send to active or inactive members. Members whom their dues will be expiring within.
  • Promote Your Members - If you choose to promote your members on the Internet, a page is provided to integrate into your existing web site. The member listing page can be customized by font, color and size. Members can choose to not be published if they wish and can change this information themselves through their login area.
  • Mail Your Members - Since your member mailing address is already maintained in the system, you can create all the mailing labels with one click. Customize your label print pages to members of certain status.

Have a web site with your own address of, (.net), (.info) or (.org). Establish your identity on the internet with your own domain name. This gives you the capability to better promote your web site in printed media, billboards and elsewhere online with a recognizable name that matches your business.
Per Month

Plus $20 / Annual Domain Registration
  • Your site address of
  • Hosting on Windows Server (ASP or capable)
  • File Transfer (FTP) access to your site 24/7
  • Flexible payments (monthly, quarterly or annually) - Your choice!
  • Up to 50 e-mail mailboxes similar to or unlimited forwarding addresses to an existing e-mail mailbox
  • Includes two hours of maintenance updates or Internet consultation annually
  • No setup fee!
  • Immediate registration on available domains
  • Event Calendar Widget (display events on your site)
  • News/Blog Article Publishing (display news articles on your site)
  • Non-Profit organizations receive a free Business Listing on the Demopolis Lake Web Site

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